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Apx. 0.70 ml

Comments   For those seeking the original mini of Norell, it is our understanding that Norell was created for designer Norman Norell in 1967 under the label Norell by Norell or Norell Fragrance Group. Norell sold the rights to the fragrance to Revlon in 1971, who in turn sold the perfume to Five Star Fragrances in 1999. Prestige Fragrances, incorporated in 2002, eventually acquired Norell and is, to the best of our knowledge, the current owner of Norell. What once was a premier fragrance found exclusively at Neiman's can now be found at almost every discounter. Here at Miniature Perfume Shoppe, we stock all of these presentations as minis as they beome available, but by far, Norell by Norell and Revlon are the most popular as they come closest to Josephine Catapano's original creation. "Norell New York" (by Parluxe), a modern interpretation of Norell, is currently being sold at Neiman's in a limited edition Baccarrat bottle. -aaw


Looking for a decanted fragrance not currently listed in our Shoppe? In addition to our regular inventory of many thousands of miniature perfume bottles, we are constantly buying and have vintage, discontinued, and new fragrances arriving weekly. We're just a tweet, email, or phone call away!

*Please note: Although we use 1 ml (1/32 fl. oz; 8x35mm) glass vials for decanting, we fill to just under the baseline of the white-capped plastic applicator. This helps us avoid any spillage or breakage during the decanting process and in shipment.  In other words, based on the specific fragrance we have on hand and your purchase, we consider our sample decants full at (0.70 ml), half-full (0.50 ml), or less than half-full (0.25 ml – 0.49 ml). All measurements are approximate. Please contact us if you have any questions or desire minis or more than 1ml quantities of a particular fragrance. All fragrances are original, authentic, and personally hand-decanted. Thank you!





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