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MINIATURE PERFUME SHOPPE – Huge 4,000+ Mini Perfume Bottle Inventory


Miniature Perfume Shoppe is pleased to offer these original, vintage, SINGLE,  perfume Nips of designer fragrances . Each Nip measures approximately 2.25" long and holds 1/12th of 1 milliliter of genuine perfume.


The photo above is just an example of the vast array of vintage Nips available in our inventory, but this listing is for one single Nip that we sell for $1 each (the same price they sold for in 1921), regardless of the famous fragrance contained within.


These patented, single-use vials of high-end perfumes were manufactured by the Nips Company, Inc. between the years of 1921-1970, with the height of their popularity being between the 1940s an '50s. They were typically packaged in boxes holding between six to sixty-five nips each and were used for marketing and promotional giveaways at businesses as diverse as insurance agencies, banks, gas stations, department stores, and airlines. They were even available in vending machines. Each Nip or "vial" is color-coded and may be identified by looking up the specific color on the ends of the Nip in the booklet that is included in each box. So, for example, "Shocking" by Schiaparelli, has an appropriate hot pink colored tip.  Although the fragrances contained in the Nips are all vintage - some being over 75 years old - the perfume inside should be as fresh as the day it was made since the sealed Nips are airtight. (Of course, I cannot guarantee this.)


If you are interested in more than one Nip, be sure to look at our boxed vintage Nip sets. Most include six or more famous-name fragrances in "plastene Nip bottlettes", a brief perfume guide or list of the designer scents included, how-to-use information, and sometimes a small travel tube for carrying a few Nips in your purse or pocket.


Please always feel free to ask me any questions you may have about a particular box or Nip.


Like to learn more about the history of Nips and the Nips Company? Just click on the link to enjoy a read of  "Nips: A Mini History" on our blog at Minature Perfume Society.




Single Vintage Perfume Nip

Fragrance Name:

Evening Star


NIPS, Inc, U.S.A.

Perfume House:

Parfums Blanchard

Launch Date:



One sealed, vintage, original designer fragrance in perfume concentration contained in a single "plastene" Nip. Each Nip measures apx 2.25" long and holds apx. 1/12th of 1 milliliter of perfume.


Taken directly from the NIPS, Inc. literature: "The Nips are made of harmless plastene. Each nip is a complete individual application of perfume, hermetically sealed so that it will not leak, spill or soil. Always as fresh as a newly opened bottle."


*Photos shown above are for example purposes only. You will only receive one single nip of famous fragrance as named in this description.  We sell all single Nips for $1 each, regardless of the fragrance, and boxed sets of Nips as described.


Please also see the photo above that illustrates how to properly open and dispense a perfume Nip.



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