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MINIATURE PERFUME SHOPPE – Huge 3,500+ mini perfume bottle inventory
Miniature Perfume Shoppe is pleased to offer a variety of ORIGINAL antique perfume bottle labels that we have acquired from from France. These are NOT reproductions. Most of these labels originated in Grasse or Paris and look as beautiful today as the day they were first created - many over 100 years ago! We have hand-selected a few for framing, so those that we have (a few) duplicates of you can choose to purchase one framed or unframed.  There are only one or two of most labels in our inventory, so if you see one you really like, we encourage you to buy it. Here today. Gone tomorrow.


We hope you enjoy owning these original miniature masterpieces as much as we did acquiring and framing them for you. Please read all of the details below and examine the photos carefully. Feel free to ask any questions that you may have.


FRAGRANCE NAME: Eau de Fleurs D'Oranger | Parfumerie de Notre Dame Des Fleurs | Pure Petales Concentree
PERFUME HOUSE: Bruno Court; Grasse, France
ARTIST (IF KNOWN): Undetermined
| Printer: Imp Imbert & Co; Grasse, Nice
STYLE: Art Nouveau; Old Stone Lithography Printing; Gold Ink.
THEME:  Beautifully detailed  mademoiselle walking among colorful flowers of France.
COLORS: Gold, Red, Green, Blends
SIZE (inches): Label Apx. 4.50 x 3.30 | Framed Apx. 6.00 x 5.00
FRAME MATERIAL: Hand selected, VINTAGE (used) frame. Gold painted wooden frame. Glass front; label is "loose" on acid free backing, with only the tiniest amount of acid-free adhesive on extreme corners of label to hold in place on mat so that it can be removed for viewing or display. Frame has hardware for hanging on wall vertically.
CONDITION: Label - Antique, near mint condition.  Bright, vivid colors.  | Frame - vintage (used); Backed with acid-free. archival matting.
RATING: 5-Star




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