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Created exclusively for Miniature Perfume Shoppe by artist Marilyn Bast Dunlap, (C) 2012 MPS All International Rights Reserved.
Miniature Perfume Shoppe, Est. 199

Painting by artist Marilyn Dunlap


... the first and largest store of its kind in the world devoted exclusively to the collector of miniature perfume bottles. And with more than 5,000 minis in stock (and counting), Miniature Perfume Shoppe is a bottle collector's and fragrance lover's dream come true!

From Antaeus to Zut and everything in between, here you will find a charming array of rare, hard-to-find, and even the newest collectible miniature perfume bottles from decades past to present day. And through our sample service, we are also pleased to offer hand-decanted vials of some of the most popular vintage, discontinued, and niche fragrances.


Learn more about Miniature Perfume Shoppe and the joys of miniature perfume bottle collecting in one of our interviews with Fragrantica. Don't see what you are looking for? Hundreds of "new" minis arrive weekly. Feel free to contact us with your requests anytime.


Thank you for your visit. We "scent-cerely" hope you enjoy exploring and discovering all that Miniature Perfume Shoppe has to offer.


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Mini Showcase

Sugar Cookie Demeter Mini

Sugar Cookie Demeter Mini
Demeter Fragrance Library

Price: $6.00 Add Sugar Cookie Demeter Mini to Cart

Junior Mint Mini

Junior Mints Demeter Mini
Demeter Fragrance Library

Price: $6.00 Add Junior Mints Demeter Mini to Cart



Price: $18.65 Add Mimmina to Cart


Miss Dior Special Edition
Christian Dior

Price: $44.65 Add Miss Dior Special Edition to Cart


Diane Von Furstenberg

Price: $12.55 Add Tatiana to Cart